Repair phase

Self-healing process

Once the atlas is in the optimum position, the body can relax more and function in a more balanced way from a purely mechanical as well as a psycho-emotional point of view.
The energy flows between the chakras noticeably improve.
The body indicates its limits more clearly and adopts the right posture more obviously.
This increases the person's overall elasticity and capacity for self-control.
This improved starting position stimulates the body to set its "ambition" for health more sharply.
Depending on the person's initial condition, we will see some possibly rather striking "catching-up", which might temporarily result in some annoying side-reactions.
We should see these as a "big clean-up", a deeper processing of physical and psychological traumata experienced previously.


Following the atlas correction, the body reacts according to the physical and psychological condition of the individual. The extent to which and the speed with which the repair takes place will differ from one individual to another as a result. Health issues will be resolved relatively quickly with one individual, while another might require more time because more repair reactions have to take place first.

In time, the person's general condition improves and his immunity is strengthened.

Hormonal housekeeping and emotions are better balanced.
Many people who have had the treatment say that they adopt an upright posture more naturally. Often, they can also deal with stress better and give better direction to their own lives. So, in general people experience a feeling of more alertness, openness and overall balance.

However, the atlas correction must not be seen as a miracle cure-all. Instead, it is more of a basic condition that helps to strengthen people's capacity for self-healing and their ability to make as much use of their body's potential as possible.

It is also striking that other natural healing methods, such as homoeopathy and osteopathy, can work more deeply after an atlas correction.

Reactions after treatment

Sometimes, annoying reactions can be experienced in the weeks to months following treatment.

These reactions are therefore part of the process of self-healing and are comparable to temporary deteriorations that also occur in homoeopathic, osteopathic or other treatment which is intended to strengthen the power of self-healing.

Such reactions might be: feeling (very) tired, muscle pains in the neck, back and the lumbar region because of the adaptation of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Illnesses suffered previously which had not completely "run their course" can pop up once more, and then disappear again.

For this reason you should listen to your body closely. Note the changes and support the process of self-healing by means of massages, moving about sufficiently, healthy eating, and drinking lots of water. Gentle work on the body, such as Manual Lymph Drainage with methods like Vodder, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Shiatsu and so on, as well as Bach flower therapies and others can all be supportive in managing these kinds of recovery reactions.