Patients' experiences

Just had an atlas treatment. A really profound experience. How is it possible that the neck area can be so sensitive?

I became quite emotional during the treatment, which gets right into the muscles. I could feel how good it made my emotions flow and how the release of tension gave me such relief. Your body and mind are one, that's for sure. (Mieke, aged 56)

  • "I can feel that something deep inside me was touched, something I can't describe."
  • "I'm now forced to be more genuine from inside out."
  • "My body won't accept a slouching posture anymore."
  • "I feel I've become more adult, I'm finding my place more easily in the turmoil around me."
  • "Heaven and hell opened up before me in the first weeks after the treatment."
  • "I can see that my daughter has come out of her shell, and expresses her feelings more confidently."
  • "I wake up in the morning with a different, sharper vitality; sleepless moments no longer feel so annoying."
  • "Now I feel my head is part of my body again, and that my feet are no longer blocks of concrete attached to my legs."