This site provides information about a treatment for the atlas using a vibrator, an original Swiss concept ("Atlasprofilax").
The Belgian naturopath Guido Loozen and physician Jan Devriendt have extended this concept, so that clearly positive results are being achieved even and especially among people with serious and long-standing symptoms. After all, practice has shown that, for this group of people in particular, the original Atlasprofilax method was too superficial and limited, and hence insufficient. The professionals you will find under the heading "treatment providers" are all trained by them in this thorough approach.
The basic treatment usually consists of two sessions with a four to seven-week intervening period.
The results are mostly fairly long-lasting, but sometimes repeat treatment over a longer period (several months to years) is recommended.
This method improves the positioning of the atlas vis-à-vis the cranium without manipulation (so no "cracking").

Working with a vibrator gives a number of effects that cannot be achieved manually:

  • Firstly, the vibrations of the device enable the deepest layers of muscle (short straight and oblique neck muscles that cannot be reached manually) to relax, making joint capsule C0-C1 (base of the skull – 1st vertebra, the atlas) more flexible and the surfaces of joints can slide back to the proper position (optimally = exactly 90° between the horizontal atlas line and the vertical axis of the cranial condyle).
  • Secondly, the vibrations will trigger the sensors of the autonomous nervous system in these muscles (see the "observation organ") to register a new setting point for muscle tension in the central transmission nuclei. This results in a resetting of the reference value for the basic muscle tension in the central nervous system. This resetting means that the effect achieved is also guarded by the central nervous system and that the entire body is reset according to this new value.

The psychological effects of the treatment are understandable from the downward resetting of the peak threshold value in these cerebral nuclei, synchronously with the resetting of the base value. The peak threshold value unconsciously sends out an "alarm" signal when tension rises to a high level (physical and/or psychological) and thus is responsible for the occurrence of stress reactions. Practice has shown that, after treatment, people will develop faster tension-lowering behaviour when stress rises. For example: less preoccupation with trivialities, being better able to make choices, developing healthily assertive behaviour more easily, experiencing more inner tranquillity, being better able to focus, developing inner motivation more easily etc.


The treatment is also given to babies and children, certainly after a difficult birth (extra mechanically or psychologically stressful circumstances), other serious traumata, or increasing stress symptoms at difficult transitional moments in life (start of primary or secondary schooling, emotional blocks, psychological and physical agitation phenomena etc.).
It helps them to optimise their own potential and to grow up and develop in a more balanced way. Their system is still extremely flexible and little burdened with built-up tensions and rigid (wrong) behaviour patterns, which makes the treatment short and easy to put up with.

Practical & technical information about the vibrator:

The vibrator was designed and built by the firm of Reynaert Research BVBA: tel. +32 9 253 62 57; fax +32 9 253 08 50;


Its operation is so designed that the vibration frequency can be set to the desired speed, ensuring that sufficient power is developed even at the lowest speed. The depth of vibration is stable and precisely adapted to achieve the desired depth of penetration in the muscle mass.